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How Messy is Your Desk?

My blog is celebrating "How Messy Is Your Desk Day". I looked up this morning and noticed how messy (or as I like to call it, "decorated") my own was and felt compelled to share it with the online world. Now I want you to spread the love and expose the darkest recesses of your bedroom or office, with an image of of your own deskly hygiene (or lack thereof) in the comments section below.

If your desk is, by some remarkable stroke of chance or insanity, messier than mine, I will be awarding you with a prize of your own choosing (within reason), or of my own choosing - it's up to you. :)

Clean desks also to be posted. It's all good. Some cheating is allowed, as long as the picture you post is genuinely an up-to-date photo of your desk. Extra appreciation for any interesting objects present, I suppose. Photos of things like a garbage dump or something you found on Google may annoy me, but yeah, could be funny. You can post them.

This should make an intriguing and illuminating collection of images. Best of all, you don't even have to leave the room.

Rock n roll.

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